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Middleboro Lakeville Cesspool and Septic Pumping Service is known to be the most professional, reliable, friendly and knowledgeable septic tank pumping company throughout Middleboro, Acushnet, Carver, Rochester, Wareham and MA. Our septic service technicians are on time, courteous, honest, very experienced and take time to explain everything you need to know about the septic pumping, septic tank pumping, septic cleaning, septic tank cleaning, and cesspool pumping. We’re local so our customers are also our friends, neighbors and family.

Free Tank Cleaning and 5 Point Inspection with Every Pumping!

We’re Super Fast! Our septic pumping trucks are top-of-the-line and pump 2X to 3X FASTER than most septic pumping trucks, so we’re in and out quickly to save you time.

We work around your schedule so you don’t have to wait around all day. You can book your septic or cesspool service online. Click here to schedule an appointment now!

5 Point Inspection

MLC’s Free Septic System Inspection with Every Pumping!

Our free 5 Point Inspection includes the following:

  • The condition of your septic system pumping covers to make sure there are no cracks or corrosion.
  • Structural integrity of your precast concrete tank to make sure there is no water infiltration into the septic tank.
  • Check the Inlet Tee to the septic tank to make sure it’s in place. The Inlet Tee has has an outlet filter that we clean with every pumping.
  • Check the liquid level of the septic tank. It should be at the outlet invert or the bottom of the pipe.
  • Check the main line from the septic system to the house. We’ll have you flush your toilet to make sure there is a free flow into the tank with no obstructions.

Residential Septic Pumping – Cesspool Pumping – Sewage Pumping Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a septic pumping depends on the size of the septic tank or cesspool system. A smaller septic tank is 500 to 750 gallons and larger tanks can hold upwards of 1,250 to 2,500 gallons. Smaller septic tanks range from $75 to $150 to pump. The cost for an average size septic tank in Southeastern, MA ( 1,250 -1,500 ) ranges from $179 to $400. A very large septic tank ( 2,500 gallons or more), ranges from $499 to $750. Take Advantage of our $19.95 Pumping Coupon Today! We also have a Lowest Price Pumping Guarantee!
If you are experiencing an emergency, we will make every effort to get there right away. We are available 24/7 including weekends and holidays. We have an emergency phone number if you are having a problem after regular business hours.
We recommend annual pumping to maintain the longevity of your septic system. That way we are able to detect small problems during our inspections before they become an issue. It is a more cost effective than having to replace a failed septic system.
If your tight tank alarm sounds, generally, you have 2-3 days of storage left. We recommend that you call us right away so we can get there that day or the next.
If you don’t know where the septic system is located you should contact your Board of Health to see if they have an “as-built” on file. An “as-built” is a plan of the septic system. If the cover is not visible from the ground you can locate the sewer drain in the basement. Then, measure about 10 feet (sometimes more) from the foundation following the direction of the pipe. If you probe the soil with a metal rod, the septic cover should be located 12 inches below. Once it is located you should keep that information on file.
If your cover is broken it needs to be replaced. Warn children not to play on or around any septic cover. Just give us a call and we can replace it for you or you can pick one up and install it yourself.
It is not recommended because any debris the filter is holding back may escape into the leaching area. To avoid this, the tank should be pumped down first. We will wash your filter for you each time we pump.
That is a sign that you may be putting harmful items down the drain. If that is not the case, we offer commercial grade filters that should be able to maintain the flow.

Commercial Septic Tank Pumping – Commercial Cesspool Pumping -Cleaning Service – Sewage Pumping

Middleboro Lakeville Cesspool and Septic Services has the right experience, team and equipment to handle any commercial septic pumping, commercial cesspool pumping, commercial septic cleaning, commercial cesspool cleaning and commercial sewage pumping request. We have serviced thousands of businesses in the Middleboro, Carver, Acushnet, Rochester, Wareham and Lakeville, MA since 1984.

Commercial Septic, Cesspool, Sewage and Cleaning Services Include:

Emergency Service 24/7 (including weekends and holidays)

Commercial Septic Pumping Service

Commercial Septic Tank Pumping Service

Commercial Cesspool Pumping Service

Commercial Grease Trap Pumping and Grease Interceptor Pumping

Interior Grease Trap Pumping -Exterior Grease Trap Pumping

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning and Grease Interceptor Cleaning

Commercial Grease Trap Service and Grease Interceptor Service

Commercial Grease Trap Repair and Grease Interceptor Repair

Commercial Grease Trap Maintenance and Grease Interceptor Maintenance

Commercial Sewage Pumping and Sewage Disposal

Commercial MA Title V – MA Title 5 Inspection

Commercial Grease Removal

Commercial Sludge removal and Treatments

Commercial Waste Removal

Commercial Maintenance programs (automatic pump outs)

Commercial kitchen and Restaurant Grease Pumping and Grease Removal

24/7 Emergency Septic System Services

Available 365 days a year, even on Sundays and holidays.

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