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Middleboro/Lakeville Cesspool, Septic Pumping, Septic Tank Pumping , Septic Cleaning and Septic Tank Cleaning  is considered one of the best septic pumping companies, septic cleaning and sewage pumping companies in Southeastern, MA. We’re family owned and operated and  provide friendly, affordable, reliable, clean and professional residential and commercial septic and cesspool pumping service, septic tank cleaning service, septic maintenance, septic service and MA Title 5 inspections for over 25 years.

Our reputation is everything to us and that’s why our septic system service technicians  work to go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure our customers are always 100% satisfied with the service we provide  to our neighbors, friends and family in our local community MLC’s septic pumping, cesspool pumping, septic cleaning and septic maintenance technicians are the most friendly and reliable in the business.

We offer coupons and discounts and we guarantee that you’ll receive the lowest septic pumping price around. Middleboro/Lakeville Cesspool and Septic Pumping is family owned and our Southeastern, MA customers love us because we treat everyone like family in Middleboro, Lakeville, Plympton, Raynham, Carver, Rochester, Wareham and Acushnet, MA.

5 Point Inspection

Free Septic System Inspection!

We provide our customers a free five point inspection with every septic pumping.

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Septic Tank Pumping, Septic Cleaning and Septic System Maintenance Services

  • Residential Septic & Cesspool Pumping

    5 Star Customer Reviews!
    $19.95 off Pumping Coupon!
    Lowest Price Guarantee!

  • Commercial Septic & Cesspool Pumping

    We have the experience and service fleet to handle any job.
    $19.95 Commercial Pumping Coupon!
    Lowest Price Guarantee!

  • Septic Pumping

    Removing solids to prevent your system from blocking. Lowest Pumping Price Guaranteed! $19.95 off pumping special!

  • Super Fast Pumping

    Our top-of-the line trucks pump 2x to 3x faster than normal trucks. We work around your schedule and we’re in and out quickly so you don’t have to wait around all day.

  • Septic Tank Cleaning Service

    Free with every septic tank pumping. We also do custom cleanings and leach field cleanings Check out our $100 off Cleaning Coupons!

  • Septic Sytem, Septic Tank and Sewer Repairs

    Repair and install D-Box, replace tees, covers, repair broken septic lines and septic pump replacement.

  • Septic Filter Cleaning

    Free with every septic tank pumping. We always carry septic replacement filters with us if you need one.

  • Location of Septic Tank Covers

    We’re more then happy review your plans for you. We can dig to find if needed.

  • Septic System Covers to Grade

    We can raise your covers if needed. We can install a build-up to bring your septic cover closer to the service.

  • Septic System Maintenance Plans

    Extend the life of your septic system. Regular maintenance saves 65% or more on repair costs over a 10 year period.

  • Annual Septic Pumping Plans

    Pre-scheduled pumping to prevent backups. Tank and filter cleaning included!

  • Massachusetts Septic System Title V / Title 5 Inspections

    18-page Septic System Report required when selling your home or for certain remodeling projects. We thoroughly explain the entire process until you feel comfortable. $50 off Title V Inspection Coupon!

  • Video Camera Septic line, Sewer Line, Water Line, Drain and Pipe Inspection

    We use state of the art fiber- optic video cameras.  It’s a much more affordable option than digging and searching. $30 off Video Camera Inspection Coupon!

  • High Pressure Hot Water Jetting

    Clean and unblock clogged septic water lines and sewer lines and drains. Because we use hot water our jetter it can thaw frozen lines and pipes. $20 off Jetting Coupon!

  • Septic Products and Chemicals

    To put the “good bacteria” back into your septic tank. Helps to break down grease, leach lines, sewer lines and work to eliminate odors.

  • Grease Trap and Grease Interceptor Pumping and Cleaning.

    Interior and Exterior grease trap grease trap pumping, grease trap cleaning and grease trap maintenance for restaurants and kitchens.

  • Drain Cleaning

    Electric snake clears blocked lines.
    Rooter service and water jetting to free clogged drains.

  • 24/7 Emergency Septic System Services

    Even on Weekends, Sundays and holidays!

24/7 Emergency Septic System Services

Available 365 days a year, even on Sundays and holidays.


Why Our Customers Love Us

We have recommended MLC to anyone who seems interested. We were completely satisfied from start to finish and it was done in such a timely manner. Thank you so much!Kelly and Doug G., Rochester, MA
In 2008 our driver received a call at him home at 8 p.m. at his home. A local church was having a gathering of parents and children. They were very upset because a septic problem had become apparent. The plumbing was backing up. They didn’t want to disappoint all of the families by cancelling so they called us. Needless to say, they were very grateful for our services and to our driver for giving up his Christmas Eve to help the members of his community.

Dear MLC – you are awesome! Thank you so much for taking care of us the night of our Children’s concert. What a crazy night that was! You have graciously gifted us with your service. Thank you.Melissa M., Wareham, MA

We just bought a new home and our septic tank was backed up because it had not been pumped in three years. I called on a Saturday and MLC came out right away. The pumped and cleaned our septic tank and cleaned are filter too! The technician was super professional wore a clean uniform and was unbelievably friendly. I use Middleboro/Lakeville Cesspool and Septic pumping for all of my septic service needs now and I recommend them to all of my neighbors and friends.Sherri R., Carver, MA
I was not happy with my septic pumping company so my neighbor recommended MLC. Wow! What a difference. The septic technician worked around my schedule, confirmed the appointment and was 5 minutes early. They pumped and cleaned my tank in under 25 minutes. Not only did they have the lowest price around the did a free 5 point inspection of my septic system and gave me advice on how to properly maintain it to extend the life of my system.Holly F., Acushnet, MA

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